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Airport Charges Billing Service

Airport Charges Billing
The Avdata Airport Charges Billing Service manages airport billing and reporting for over 130 airports across Australia.

In 1990 Avdata established the Airport Charges Billing Service to bill aircraft operators on behalf of airports across Australia. We now manage the billing for over 130 airports in all States and Territories. We work with airports of all sizes, from remote, un-manned locations to major city airports.

The Avdata Billing Service can help recover some of the costs of running and maintaining an airport by collecting a fee from the users of the facility. We can also help to reduce administration costs by handling all aspects of billing and collection.

We take care of details such as:

Historical records are maintained indefinitely and detailed reports are available for airport management as hardcopy or online.

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View a list of charge rates for airports which have engaged Avdata to bill their usage charges.

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