Standpipe Management System

The Avdata Standpipe & Water Management System allows you to control access to water from standpipes, with optional billing and reporting services. The system is suitable for both potable outlets and for regulating access to recycled water.

Many councils can no longer afford to allow unlimited access to water resources. Keeping track of who is taking water from standpipes is easy with the Avdata Standpipe Management System, which offers a solution that is both rugged and affordable.

The system is based around a controller connected to a flow meter and solenoid valve, which allows it to track usage and control access. Customers carry a small metal key tag containing a unique electronic / ID number, which is used to monitor and record details. The key can also be pre-charged with a certain amount of usage, similar to a prepaid phone card limiting the amount that each customer can have.

The system is designed for use with either a single standpipe or to manage multiple outlets. It is ideal for limiting / regulating access to grey-water outlets, ensuring that recycled water is only used for suitable applications such as construction or road works.

A real advantage of the Avdata system is its high degree of flexibility. Installations can communicate via mobile phone, can be configured to run on solar power in remote areas, and have been adapted to monitor effluent discharge.

Reports detailing water usage are available to management as online or hardcopy. In applications where the objective is to control access to water but not necessarily charge for it, then the system can be 'self-managed' by council. In most cases however, Avdata does the work of downloading the data, producing invoices, and forwarding the payments to council each month.

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