Access control installation and support

The Avdata system needs to be installed by local electrical and plumbing professionals.

Avdata supplies all of the purpose-built equipment required, including:

  • Monitoring and Access Control System Plus (MACSPlus)
  • modem
  • push-button control panel
  • touch-keys

Our user-friendly manual explains every stage of planning
for, installing and managing the Avdata system. We also provide
personalised advice and support by phone (02) 626208111 or email

Additional requirements not supplied by Avdata

In addition to the equipment Avdata supplies, the system requires:

  • plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • electrical components
  • 230 V AC power supply
  • cabling and trenching
  • secure shed or meter box to house equipment
  • reliable mobile phone coverage
  • SIM card and internet data plan
  • other relevant equipment (pumps, floodlights, daylight sensors etc)