Water and waste

Avdata’s flexible systems can monitor water and waste for management and billing purposes at a range of facilities, including:

  • standpipes (restricting who can access potable water, grey-water or bore water)
  • waste disposal stations (controlling where specific waste types are received, eg: septage, sullage, leachate)

Clients can use the system to generate revenue, using the Avdata system to measure liquid being pumped into, or from the facility. They can use data collected by Avdata’s system to handle billing themselves, or hand all billing responsibilities to Avdata and receive revenue monthly payment.


Avdata’s rugged and affordable electronic system enables standpipe owners to generate revenue and control access to potable and recycled water.

Clients use our system to:

  • restrict water access to particular customers
  • control access to grey-water outlets
  • gain access to extensive data on water use for reporting.


Waste disposal solutions

Avdata’s cost-effective system uses a flowmeter to measure liquid received, so customers can be charged appropriately.

Clients use our system to:

  • ensure specific waste types are pumped into correct holding tanks ( eg: septage, sullage, leachate)
  • ensure waste is dumped only by approved tankers.

Installation and support

The Avdata system needs to be installed by local electrical and plumbing professionals.

Installation and support.