Information for transporters

Why get a touch-key for the National Truckwash System?

A robust electronic touch-key enables drivers to access truckwashes, tracking usage which is billed to a registered account holder.

The National Truckwash System makes it easy for truck drivers to find and operate truckwashes after delivering livestock to saleyards and abattoirs.

Some advantages of the user-friendly system are:

  • you won’t need to waste time trying to find change or tokens.
  • accounts are sent to registered transporters. They can cover multiple trucks and will detail their truckwash use across the country.
  • drivers who use truckwashes infrequently can preload touch-keys with credit.

Can I find out what a truckwash charges?

See Avdata’s list of charge rates for every truckwash in the National Truckwash System.

How can I find a truckwash that uses the system?

More than 100 truckwashes across Australia use the National Truckwash system. Use our map to find one near you.

How do I use the touch-key?

  1. Find the word KEY on the truckwash control panel. Hold your touch-key against the sensor underneath.
  2. Press the ON button for the truckwash bay you wish to use.
  3. To stop the flow of water, press the OFF button (or others may access the water at your expense).

What if I forget to turn the truckwash off?

The system is programmed to stop waterflow after a designated time, so your bill will not be excessive.

What if I lose my key?

Lost keys need be deactivated as soon as possible to protect against unauthorised use. Please call Avdata immediately on (02) 6262 8111 or email

Can I pay in advance, rather than receiving an account?

Avdata offers prepaid keys which will allow timed access to the truckwash. To organise a prepaid key, call Avdata on (02) 6262 8111 or email