Controlling access

Avdata’s flexible access control system is designed to withstand rugged conditions.

What MACS does

Avdata’s versatile Monitoring and Access Control System Plus (MACSPlus) can be used at any facility where:

  • applications need to be turned on or off (fuel, water, light)
  • access to facilities needs to be controlled (approved key-holders only)
  • time, date and user identiy need to be recorded (for security or billing)
  • use of facilities or resources needs to be measured (for billing or reporting).

MACSPlus is compatible with a broad range of computer systems.

The rugged system features a touch-memory read head which registers identification details stored in an iButton™.

How the system works

The robust electronic system relies on touch-keys, which each have a unique identification number. Drivers simply touch their key against a sensor to activate the system.

The simple, user-friendly system:

  1. identifies the touch-key
  2. sends a signal to start water flow, if the key is valid
  3. records water usage (by time or volume)
  4. transfers data via wireless modem to Avdata, for billing, according to each installation’s specific rates

Monitoring and access control

At the heart of the system is Avdata’s Monitoring and Access Control System Plus (MACSPlus). It switches water flow on and off through a solenoid valve and transfers user information to Avdata. The installation operator can access this data through the Avdata website.

Components are tough

Touch-keys have been designed to resist rough treatment, dirt, water, oil and magnetic fields. Heavy-gauge aluminium push-button control panels have on and off buttons that are weather and vandalism resistant.

Billing services

Avdata maintains a database of users with touch-keys, to ensure accurate and efficient billing.

Our cost-effective billing service includes:

  1. collecting and processing data from controllers
  2. calculating bills according to each facility operator’s specific rates and charges
  3. generating bills and sending them to customers
  4. processing and receipting payments
  5. making a monthly deposit into the facility operator’s account
  6. responding to queries from key-holders

Clients can access usage and payment data, and generate tailored reports, on-line.

Access to data

Facility operators can log-on to Avdata’s website to see:

  • customer account activity (payments received, charge type, charges owing)
  • billing summary (balance brought forward, new invoices, receipts, client money held in trust)
  • usage details for each outlet
  • usage details for each key (including date and time)
  • credit status of prepaid keys and add credit

See sample reports

Avdata’s online reports are strictly confidential, but we have created sample reports to demonstrate the type of data that can be accessed and how it is presented. To see sample reports, or determine whether Avdata’s system can generate reports you need, please call us on (02) 6262 8111 or email

Customising the system

Avdata can tailor its flexible system to:

  • work across any number of outlets
  • charge different rates for specific outlets and customers
  • allow local or infrequent customers to use prepaid touch-keys (recharged online)
  • operate floodlights when the facilty is used at night (cutting power costs)
  • control access through gates or to winches at saleyards
  • give key-holders access to showers or toilet facilities
  • set times when access is allowed and alter this remotely, on-line

Remote configuration

The Avdata MACS communicates with a central control via internet. Configuration settings such as

  • adding and removing keys
  • changing permissions
  • scheduling opening times
  • activating and deactivating particular outlets
  • setting default timeouts, maximum usages, and total usages

can be done remotely without going on site.

Installation and support

The Avdata system needs to be installed by local electrical and plumbing professionals.

See more information about access control installation and support.