Avdata Policies

Dispatch and Delivery Policy

  • Goods purchased from Avdata will be dispatched via standard mail within 5 working days of order unless the purchaser is otherwise notified.
  • Express delivery may be arranged at additional cost.

Refund Policy

  • Return and refund entitlements under State and Australian Consumer Law (ACL) apply to all purchases of goods.
  • Goods defective at the time of sale will be made good or replaced by Avdata.

Allocation of Payments

  • When you make a payment, you should advise us how you would like the payment to be allocated by sending a remittance advice by email to mail@avdata.com.au.
  • If you do not provide a remittance advice at the time of your payment, your payment will be allocated against the oldest outstanding invoice/s.

How do I query my Avdata statement?

If you have any questions about your Avdata statement you can contact our Accounts Section by

  • calling 02 6262 8111 or
  • sending details to mail@avdata.com.au.