Information for aircraft operators

Why do I have an account from Avdata?

Avdata sends accounts to Certificate of Registration holders on behalf of more than 160 airport owners across Australia. Our cost-effective system helps airport operators to recover some of the costs incurred in running and maintaining an airport.

What’s the advantage for me?

You get one bill

You will receive one bill from Avdata each month, which covers all landings and charges you have incurred. Should you be a frequent user of multiple airports, this will reduce your administration costs.

Your bill has useful information

Avdata accounts provide a useful summary of your activity, including:

  • flight dates and times
  • charges for each flight
  • aircraft parking fees
  • annual fees.

You can research charges in advance

Avdata publishes all airport charges for each of the clients it bills for. This gives anyone who is nominated to pay charges the opportunity to research them before using an airport.

Can I get Avdata bills sent to someone else?

Certificate of Registration holders can redirect charges, should the aircraft be hired or operated by another person who agrees to pay all airport charges incurred. To redirect charges, complete the Redirection of account for airport charges form and email it to before the seventh day of the month.

How do I query something on the account?

To clarify an Avdata account, please call us during business hours on (02) 6262 8111 or email