Touch memory read heads

iButton read heads



Avdata’s Touch Memory Read Heads are designed to be used with the Touch Memory iButtonsTM manufactured by Dallas Semiconductor. The Read Heads are ideally suited to access control applications where a robust and reliable reader is required. Avdata’s Touch Memory Read Heads are tough, and will resist:

  • Weather
  • Petrol and other fuels
  • Chemical corrosion
  • Impact
  • Vandalism and other deliberate damage.

Uses of the touch memory read heads

The Read Heads are already being used for access control in monitoring equipment:

  • At livestock saleyards
  • In the petroleum industry
  • To regulate water use.

Technical details of the read heads

The Avdata Touch Memory Read Heads are:

  • Manufactured from stainless steel and Delrin
  • Solidly constructed to deflect blows and resist deliberate damage
  • Easy to mount through a 15 mm circular hole
  • Optionally available with a light in the centre of the contact for night use.

The electrical connections are at the rear, behind the panel. The read head is electrically insulated from the mounting.

The dimensions of the read heads are:

length 30mm
diameter 25mm
front 10mm
clearance at back 20mm (may be varied, contact Avdata for details)

Touch memory iButtonsTM

The iButton is a computer chip housed in a durable 16mm stainless steel cam. They use no power, require no maintenance, and will resist dirt, dust, chemicals, water, weather, and rough treatment. Each chip contains unique identification information. Every time a person uses the button, the Read Head records the identification number.

You can use this information to keep track of assets, limit access to equipment, and log the use of equipment by that person. You can also use this information to charge for equipment use. For more information about the iButtons, contact Dallas Semiconductor through their web page at

Using the iButton is simple. The user just presses the button against the Avdata touch memory read head for a moment. Information is electronically transferred from the button to the Read Head.